Last night I did the first of my two days here at 12 Minutes Max in Seattle. It was AWESOME. Though a bit nerve wracking since I was last and was basically in that pre-show super hyped extra jazzed state of mind for like 6 hours after driving up here. The show was great. There is an awesome projectionist/noise artist and a lady doing a fictional story theatre piece that is hilarious, and there is a dance troupe that was mind blowing. I went on after them.

We had a tech rehearsal during which I asked Rich, the house tech, if the lights could just make it look like I was floating in space and he said “sure.” Then he turned out all the lights and put the spotlight right on me and I said, “Does it look like i’m floating in space?” and he said, “Yes.” Perfect.

I told my story and got some lots of good laughs and afterwords got some interesting looks from the people in the audience. A few minutes later while hanging out on, I think it was Mercer Street, talking to my friends about how being open to Noise artists and dance and just art in general is more fun that just saying Art is Dumb or whatever most people do, most of the time, this guy starts looking sideways at us. Sort of looking over top of us and inching closer and closer. He was holding a safeway bag with some food in it or something and as I braced myself for him to ask us for money or cigarettes he said, “I would like to say something to you. I heard you guys talking about and, have you ever heard of 12 minutes max? It’s at on the boards right around the corner.” And we all looked at each other and my friend Branden said, Yeah he was just in it. Which was really confusing for him.

When he finally realized that he had just watched me tell story like 14 minutes ago he was very happy and said that he liked my story, and that people should celebrate each other and not just pooh on everything.

I agree total stranger. I agree.
Butch Cassidy was my dad.


1 Response to “Kim.”

  1. 1 Daddio February 26, 2010 at 2:41 pm

    That’s my boy. You’re not in Lincoln County anymore.

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