Seattle Sucks.

At least that’s what I thought for a long time. I thought Seattle had a chip on it’s shoulder about being a “Big City” and that people there were dickish. That the coffee wasn’t as good or the beer wasn’t as good but was very much more expensive.
I thought it was a nice place to transfer trains on the way to Vancouver, but that’s about it.

Then I went up there to see Mark Siano and the Freedom Dancers ‘Soft Rock Kid’ at ACT. And… things changed. What I saw was an amazing display. They bedazzled my heart with stunningly well designed costumes, amazing dance routines to soft rock songs that lifted me right out of my chair and a dialogue that was so funny and well written it made me feel like a retarded monkey with a type writer. I felt like I was Jennifer Grey in dirty dancing, and Mark and all the freedom dancers were one giant Patrick Swayze lifting me up and into the sky, into hilarious heights I hadn’t been to before.

I could feel things changing. I could feel the perspective change. The distances and heights readjusting. What had been big got a little smaller and what could be became so much more. Boundaries blurred and doors opened. I hung out in Seattle the next too days making really good friends and having more fun that I thought possible. When I got home to my little room, in my little city I was happy to be home, but it was like when you kiss someone for the first time. It changes all the other kisses you’ve ever had. They get a little better or a little worse.

Thanks Seattle. I’m glad we are friends now. I will see you on April 2nd for Spin the Bottle.

Late Night Cake

Cake is for Late Nights


1 Response to “Seattle Sucks.”

  1. 1 sonja March 9, 2010 at 11:29 pm

    participating in spin the bottle or just watching? count me in – i just put it on my calendar.

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