Last saturday I went to a new bar downtown. My friend and I went inside and were immediately caught up in this jet-stream like current of people that seemed to be entering from one side of the room, walking past the bar while making inappropriate eye contact with everyone there, then right out the back door. I stuck out my hand, grabbed the bar and got us some drinks before we were swept back out into the street. The river of people put our backs against the wall. Which was fine. We were having fun checking out all the saturday night shirts and the ironic facial hair when a stranger walked up to me.

He said he had seen me perform, I think at a Back Fence thing, and that he thought it was funny. He asked if I’d gone to some other story telling event and I said no. Then he started telling me about his idea for a storytelling night where people tell about how they lost their virginity. Of course, this must mean he has a weird story about losing his virginity. So I asked. And he told me the story of his lost virginity. How he lied about his age to a women in her mid 20’s that he worked with. How they had an affair that lasted for several months until her husband caught them doing it in the shower and said that he was going to shoot the kid. I was like, yeah I just lost mine in the back of a station wagon behind a church. It was awkward and unfulfilling.

I really like that this total stranger came up to me and after 45 seconds of conversation told me the ridiculous and amazing story of how he lost his virginity. I like the places and the people that this new work is leading me to. I seems to just keep getting better.


2 Responses to “Virginity”

  1. 1 V. March 10, 2010 at 12:08 am

    I just told my “losing my virginity” story to a total stranger on Livejournal (Facebook for ugly nerds). It was refreshing.

  2. 2 brad March 10, 2010 at 3:44 am

    I told you about losing mine to Rocky Hartwell, right? How me and Amanda (fellow PDXer), my best friend at the time and one of my closest confidence’s for all eternity, lost it to the same guy?

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