I live with two roommates. One is a guy and one is a girl. They are super nice people and we all get along really well. Not long after the fella moved in, I rounded the corner into the bathroom that we all share and saw that he’d moved his shampoos and various shower accoutrement onto shelves next to the shower. That’s well and good. But something was… not quite right. A small, purple bottle sat beside the conditioner on the top shelf. It wasn’t nestled, or snugged up against anything. It wasn’t face down. It wasn’t hidden in any way, or shelved with what could be considered polite modesty. It was shamelessly and maybe with purpose facing up and declaring to the world it’s presence.

The label on the bottle said “ASTROGLIDE“.

Now… there I am staring at this personal lubricant in the bathroom that I shower in. The bathroom that I share with 2 other people. The ASTROGLIDE rests on wire shelves above my soap. My tooth brush. My floss. I am… concerned about this. I have spent several weeks trying to figure out some alternative use for ASTROGLIDE. Hair conditioning? Hair Styling? That’s actually about as far as I’ve gotten with my theories on alternative uses.

I’m certainly not against someone doing it, either with someone else, or by themselves or whatever you need to do. But really? Even if you do that in the shower that you share with two other persons, you may want to consider being slightly more discreet.

I am not looking forward to when the shower drain clogs again.

Le Sigh


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