Price Point.

I bought tires for my car yesterday. Two new tires cost $186.10. I was shocked. I mean for chrissakes, for that much money I could pay my student loan bill for the month and my internet bill to boot.

I remembered when I bought tires for my first car, a geo metro, and it only cost about 100 bucks for four new tires. I mean, I guess it’s true that I worked at McDonalds and only made $4.25 an hour, but that is ancillary. Then I thought about gasoline, and how when I first had that car gas was only $0.96 a gallon. I could fill up the tank for about 9 and half bucks and drive it for 300 miles. And Stamps…. Jesus I remember buying stamps for my mom when I was a kid and they were a Quarter apiece. Crazy huh… Milk was a buck a gallon when I was in college and I only spent about 10 bucks a week on groceries.

In the middle of this internal compare and contrast blitzkrieg it occurred to me that when my dad was young a loaf of bread was probably about 10 cents, and when my grandparents were young a new car cost about 3 grand. How are these people not constantly freaking out when they go to the store? I am surprised there aren’t riots everyday in grocery stores and gas stations, or people standing outside with picket signs that have the prices of things from when they were kids on them. I’m mean 3 dollars for a bag of pretzels is insanity.

Finally I realized that yet another milestone in my life had been reached. I, like my parents and grandparents, now remember a time in the past, far enough removed from now that the youth of today can not remember it, can not relate to it, and do not give a shit about it. And when those youth are just a little bit older they will talk about when gas was $2.95 a gallon, and how you could buy a cup of coffee with a REFIL for $1.75. They’ll lament the loss of the hip neighborhoods to gentrification, and how movies used to be only 10 bucks. And with certainty and disdain they will declare that there aren’t any good and cheap places to live anymore, and that there are definitely no good bands left in this town.

Dude, you're killing me...


2 Responses to “Price Point.”

  1. 1 Daddio September 27, 2010 at 7:36 am

    I remember your grandpa in the 60’s getting really upset that milk was $0.79 per gallon, and we drank a gallon a day. I have a pay stub and his take-home pay was $54 for working in a fiber glass factory. He bought bread 4 loaves for a $1.00 and if they were about to go out of date, 10 for a $1.00. Dad worked his vacation most years to get extra money. I was 14 when we took our first real vacation and I saw the state capitol on the way. That was prob because my 6’5″ bro got drafted and wasn’t eating us out of house and home anymore.

  2. 2 andy November 11, 2010 at 10:21 am

    As a former fat kid, you may have noticed that the price of a BOX of Little Debbie snack cakes has remained $.99, or damn near close to that, for over 20 years.

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