I was a fat kid…I was a really fat kid.

Hi. My new show is coming.

It’s called “I was a fat kid… I was a really fat kid.” It’s true stories about growing up a weirdo in the Heart of Appalachia. Seriously.

I’ll be doing 3 shows in Portland, as part of the Fertile Ground Festival in January. I’ll be doing 6 shows in Seattle as well.
I’d really like it if you could come.

Here’s the link to buy tickets to my Portland show only.

OR if you want to buy a pass for the whole awesome Fertile Ground Festival do it HERE

Here’s what Bret From ANNEX Theater in Seattle said: “Portland storyteller Nathaniel Boggess transforms his childhood as a fat outcast into rueful, squalid, and comic tales of Booberry cereal, wedgies, cruel nicknames, and working at just about every fast food restaurant imaginable. Boggess’s deceptively offhand performance style puts a sly spin on adolescent awkwardness and misery.” Which sounds awesome to me.

So please… come… tell your friends.



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