Los Angeles is a place.

Los Angeles. It’s funny what those words mean. What you think of when someone says Los Angeles. Or Paris. Or Libya. Words and names carry so much with them. Every word is just a box to carry other words in, and the words each carries is different for every person.

When someone would say Los Angeles before I moved here I imagined a place of blazing burning sunshine with the most beautiful men and women running down every street. Everyone would have abs. Everyone would have lots of money. Maybe there would be a taco truck. I thought of beaches teeming with bikinis and surf boards. I thought I would recognize people everywhere I went. They would be famous people. Everyone is famous here. You are famous just for living here. People look at you longer. At first I thought it was because they thought I was handsome. Then I thought, “Oh, they probably are trying to figure out if I’m someone they ‘know’ from television or movies.” Or maybe they do think I’m handsome, it’s almost the same thing.

I didn’t expect to see old people here. Or fat or ugly people. The first old person I saw I wondered why they lived here. It’s so expensive and so full of young people from other places. What could this city offer them.

Los Angeles is like a person you’ve heard a lot about but never met. Los Angeles is like a famous person. The good kind. The kind everyone meets and says, “They were soooo nice.” The parts of this city I didn’t expect are quickly becoming my favorite. The streets. The houses. The people. The art. The hills. The night.
This place.

Now when I talk about Los Angeles it isn’t with wonder or speculation.
It is with joy and anticipation.


1 Response to “Los Angeles is a place.”

  1. 1 Janie March 17, 2011 at 9:08 pm

    Glad you are getting acclimated so fast. Says a lot for you. luvya

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