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It’s been almost five months since I moved to Los Angeles and I haven’t been posting on my blog much because I’ve been trying get my footing and my LA Legs and such. I have some thoughts about this place that I’ll save for later. For now though, an UPDATE:

Since I moved here:

I Have Been Evicted.
My room mate at my first place annoyed the landlord by asking her to fix the toilet too many times. I know, what a bitch right? And the Landlord responded by terminating the month to month rental agreement. I had lived there less than 2 months at that point.

I Have Moved twice.

AND, I have to again at the end of September from the place I moved into after that. If you would like to send me something in the mail I would like that but you should wait till I figure out where I’m going to be for the next year. The next move will be into my own apartment. No room mates. It will be small. It might not be beautiful or perfect. But it will be mine alone and I will live there for at least one year.

My Car Was Shot.
I wasn’t in the car. I went out to my car to go to work and there was a bullet hole in the trunk. I called the cops, held the line for 10 minutes and was promptly hung up on when someone finally answered, because the connection was too poor. LAPD: to Serve and … fuck it, let’s get a Jamba Juice.

I Got a Girlfriend.
If I had to describe her in one sentence it would be: La Face with an Oakland Booty. (thanks A. Ray!). Also she’s super smart and funny and we have a lot in common and like each other. I guess it would be weird and sad if we didn’t like each other or have a lot in common… more like a marriage.

I Am Working A Ton.
Frequently with super fucking awesome people. Like Christopher Loyd.

I Rode in an Elevator with Jason Bateman and He Asked Me Where I Was Going.
So, Clearly, I’ve “Made it.”

I Am Taking Classes and Writing A Ton.
Look for me to do a one man show here in the next year. The bar is very high here, but I am hoping my simple delivery and crushingly honest story telling will win the hearts and minds of fans everywhere… or something like that.

There’s a ton more stuff that’s happened, but basically I’m alive and on fire. I am in love with this weather, even if the traffic is shitty. There are so many awesome people here doing so much awesome stuff and I will write you a story soon about why I know this was the right choice. But you should know moving here was the right choice.

ex oh

This is what a bullet hole looks like in real life.