We Are Fucked (3)

Take my money... Please.

Look closely in the right hand corner of this photo.
These dryer sheets will not only eliminate static, they’ll make your laundry smell like fresh linen. They will make your laundry smell, LIKE FRESH FUCKING LAUNDRY.

It’s not even CLEVER. It’s the marketing equivalent of a hobo with a sign that says, “Why lie… i need a beer.” No shit dickhead. Thanks for ruining this for both of us. How am I supposed to give a bum money if we don’t both pretend it’s the right thing to do to help him feed himself. Likewise for you Bounce… at least make it smell like some other bullshit flavor. My favorite being “Rain”…

Other new products to be on the look out for are: Milk Flavored Milk, Baguette flavored bread, and Pie flavored Pumpkins.


4 Responses to “We Are Fucked (3)”

  1. 1 Dad November 28, 2011 at 8:19 am

    The smell of fresh linen comes from hanging your clothes outside to dry in the breeze.

  2. 3 mary meyer December 3, 2011 at 5:06 pm

    To your father: obviously he does not live in the Pacific NW.. We used to hang our clothes to dry in “the furnace room” which was oil so you can imagine what that smell was. I am quite happy to have a washer and dryer. Won’t cach me washing my clothes on a washboard and hanging them out to dry so they smell fresh. I do my laundry at midnight. mmm

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