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To my iPhone 4.

Below is a picture of my last phone.

This phone has been with me through:
The awful and bitter end of a ten-year friendship/creative partnership.
3 breakups, and dozens of lesser follies.
My Dad getting cancer.


My Dad getting better.
Moving 1000 miles to LA from Portland.
Many wonderful and truer friendships than I thought possible this late in life.

When I see this pic it’s hard not to think of all the good times we had. It’s easy to overlook all the times the phone wasn’t working when I needed it most, or worse when it intentionally led me down roads it new weren’t the right ones. And having the old phone made it harder to see how awesome all the new phones were and how much more fulfilled I would be with the new phones. Sometimes we hang on for too long even when it’s not in our best interest because we really love something… or when we really want that something to love us.

Now that i have the new phone it’s clear that I should have tossed this one a long time ago. We had just grown apart.
I will miss you iPhone 4.
Thanks for hanging in as long as you did.